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problems with tagging / accepted file formats

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Dear community, 


I am Peter from Germany and proud owner of a recently purchased  N100h with 4TB HDD.

During the last weeks I filled the internal HDD with my library content.


After checking with the Conductor app I realized, that some content was missing.


I found out that wma-files and mp4-files did not show up within the app...

I can see them within the folder-view but they will not play.

Any idea if I made something wrong or why these formats do not work??

I solved the issue by converting  them to FLAC....


Next issue is, that some albums containing mp3-files do not show up either or are not displayed correctely.

Of course I checked with mp3tag that all tags incl. cover art are present and correct.

Anyhow these albums will not be precessed by Conductor app so neither artist nor album will show up...

I do not have any idea if I made a fault or what could be the reason for that misbehaviour.

I will add two screenshots to illustrate that with an album of John Cougar:


Any help is highly appreciated...




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