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Article: IFi Audio xCAN Portable Headphone Amplifier Full Review

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Thanks for this review which has inexplicably been devoid of even a single comment.  Don't let it dissuade you from expressing what you find vital.  This was quite well written and deserving of a small amount of commendation.    


Not only is this a tough crowd but a tough market to impress in.  Perhaps a broader look at a few of the lesser known offerings would have flushed out what is somewhat of an underwhelming, though safe to travel with and having much to recommend looking at it, device.  I couldn't possibly fault you for the fact what is currently possible is not currently possible to build and sell on the open market.  Style (aesthetics) in effect being a substitute for escaping that which binds reasonable amounts of enjoyment.


/Microcosm of what ails AS right now



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