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How to connect my old DAC/Amplifier/Speakers to NAS

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My existing system

Wadia 270 CD Transport  <--- Now I want to get rid all CDs

Wadia 27 DAC

Krell Preamp and amplifier

Totem Speakers


I would like to now put all my CDs on a QNAP NAS system in FLAC format.


What do I need to connect QNAP to my system to play music.






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You need a connection to the qnap via ethernet or wifi and then you can use a streamer to connect to the nas and feed the dac.

Look at the Allo, Sotm, Auralic streamers for example. Just be careful - you need a streamer that can connect to your dac,e.g. spdif. (Many of the new products connect via usb - and then you would need a usb to spdif converter.)


You can also look at computers to do the connection to the NAS



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