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SoundSource 4.x - New Version!

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SoundSource was recently upgraded, by adding far more capabilities for routing and modifying audio sources.  Check it out at https://rogueamoeba.com/soundsource/


From their website:

  • Change the volume and output device for individual apps.
  • Adjust your Mac's audio device settings and levels instantly, from anywhere.
  • Even apply built-in and third-party audio effects to any audio on your Mac.
  • It's all possible right from your menu bar, with SoundSource. 


Screen capture:


Screen Shot 2019-04-30 at 9.14.03 PM.jpg

FOCAL Clear (balanced); OPPO PM-3 (Double Helix Molecule 2.0 balanced cable); KEF M500; KEF Space One
OPPO HA-1; MERIDIAN Explorer2; MERIDIAN Explorer; & AUDIOQUEST Jitterbugs 
SONY NW-WM1A (Double Helix Molecule SE balanced cable for OPPO PM-3)
DEFINITIVE TECHNOLOGY Incline speakers & ProSub800 subwoofer
MacBook Pro Retina 15" (13,3); Audirvana Plus 3.x; & AIFF files

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