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Goodmorning guys.


i happy speaking with you and discovering things.


well i play a lot of music with spotify. So i want to upgrade it. 


First of all i play direct from my 851n via ethernet and after throught my laptop using 851n as dac( ethernet-laptop-ifi purifier-dac 851n). The 2nd way was must better.


so after that i am wondering how can i do it must better.i have no problem with my connection even i play roon.but....

modem have not created for playing music. Also it  has so noisy psu and it creates noise from itself....especially the modems with fast wifi and ethernet.Mine thomson tg 784 is 22v.the first thing that i did was To turn off the wifi.


so which modem is the best for audiophile?! Asus and neatgear i think is so much noisy machines because they offer speed. I used to put the ifi ipower to my machines(rpi,hard drive etc). So ifi ipower have models on  5v,9V,12v,15v. Maybe I thing 5vor 9v even 12v modem will be ok. But which modem?! I read some things ....many people use a small modems with small bandwith and a small voltage psu and after they put a switch in order to Stop the noise more. They prefer the simpliest non speedy switch. They also make the cable circle to ferrite (7times). This will affect roon?! I don't care about wifi and downloading...but only roon and spotify.


at the end i am searching for cat7 flat cable. I see this ugreen cable.is a good quality cable or not?! Any suggestions from a better cable cat 7 flat in europe?!





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any modem that works will be fine


isolate your setup using optical or wifi


concentrate on the "clean" end of the setup - plug those components into a different AC line than the "dirty" components (like computer, modem, etc.)


use a quality DAC that is not built into your laptop

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Thanx for your answer


As i know.....

optical creates jitter.so which is best jitter or a not isolator ethernet?! For me none

wifi creates emi what is bad for hifi.laptop have antenna that affects to the signal gettinh more noisy and modem creates emi(maybe and the laptop alao?) that affect to hifi.



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Hi Flyman


You'd have zero jitter 'worries', if you actually used the Cambridge Audio 851N network player for what it was mainly designed for and not just relegate it to being a mere external DAC tethered to your laptop!


It also seems to me that your initial concern about which router 'for hifi' is a bit premature. I'm assuming you meant router rather than 'modem': the Thomson TG784 is a wireless router - its built-in modem just provides the link to the outside world (ie, the internet) and has nothing to do with providing your local ethernet & WiFi network.


I believe you shouldn't (at least for now) be concerned about your router, WiFi or any other potential network issues, because you haven't yet tackled the compatibility mismatch that you actually have using the Roon software to network stream with the 851N:

Roon does not support industry standard UPnP/DLNA, the main streaming technology used by the 851N and the 851N does not support Roon's proprietary RAAT streaming mechanism, so the 851N cannot be used as a Roon Endpoint.


This leaves the only streaming mechanism they both support:: AirPlay - meaning any audio not at CD resolution, eg, hi-res (from Qobuz, TIDAL, or your own files) will be resampled by Roon to CD resolution, before being network streamed by the 851N!


Plus, it's unlikely that you'll improve the sound quality coming from Spotfy whatever you do to the network, even if you are (hopefully) using the 851N's Spotify Connect support which will get the 851N to stream Spotify's best quality but still lossy 320kbps OGG Vorbis audio file tracks directly from Spotify's online server.

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thanx for your response.


My bad my modem is tg782. 


As endpoint i have the rpi. So actually because ethernet doesn't have ground there is a problem?!? You don't know the best if you don't listen it.


I know that is 320kbps.... and i am ok with that. My question is about how to improve the ethernet in order to compare it with wifi. For me the spotify plays much better through usb (using 851n) maybe because of the filters that i use (ifi iusb and usb purifier). The sound is not so hursh.


I think a modem with low voltage-noise noise psu with a good cable will be ok.

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