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Finding lowest frequency in audio file

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7 hours ago, bluesman said:

I know your intent is humorous, but you've probably unearthed a serious problem.


I was happy to have a confirmation that with my gear everything is fine, and that I probably never bottomed my voice coils, but you are 100% right.


It's freaking crazy to discover that for such a premium product there is zero QC!, and you cannot claim it and request the refund!

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On 4/27/2019 at 5:02 AM, Music Matters said:

I would like to know how to analyze FLAC file and to find what is the lowest frequency in that audio track?


I'd like to answer to this question.


Modern music is tuned A=440Hz and fundamental frequency of lowest keys of piano is showed in the following pic.




How to determine lowest pitch tone frequency

  • Use WaveGene or your favorite tone generator to generate sinusoidal continuous tone, say 55.0Hz (A1, ra), hear it and understand what A1 sounds like.
  • Listen to music, lowest sound instrument, and determine lowest pitch



Lowest freq = 25.96Hz, As0


Lowest freq = 30.87Hz, H0


Lowest freq = 32.70Hz, C1


Lowest freq = 34.65Hz, Cis1 or Des1


Lowest freq = 36.71Hz, D








Sunday programmer since 1985

Developer of PlayPcmWin

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