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Music Server "Remote" Question

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Hey all....long time reader, first time poster.


I have been very happy with my Sonos system and linux music server (VortexBox), which is housed in the basement. Now I, like others, have recently gotten into 96/24 audio. The Sonos cannot play these, so I am thinking of making an audio system just for this. Problem is, I really like the use of the Sonos remote. Do the systems people make here (CAP system or what have you) have similar type remotes or will it always mean a computer keyboard and attachment to monitor be necessary? Any advice is welcome. As well, would I really need a $600 audio card? I really am only interested in 2.0 so a more affordable solution would be beneficial. Thanks alot!!!


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Hi Ron = If you use a Mac the Apple Remote app is very nice especially if you use an iPad. On a PC with J River I use an app called PlugPlayer on my iPhone. It works just like the Sonos and Apple remote apps.


There is no requirement to purchase an expensive audio card. Whatever sounds good to you is good :~)


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