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My digione is not working please advice simple check procedure

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I purchase the digione from my local vendor.
I am happy with it for a week,

but it suddenly unable to play any music.

the volumeio still working, and re-deploy the volumio  unable to solve the issue.

I use the pi 2 b+ on digione and volumio with nad d3020 v2

I turn-on the volumio debug, and it seems that the volumio be able to see the digione and play without error.


but there is no music at all.


I got 2 dac, both verified from other source, the dac is fine.


I send the whole set(pi+digione) back to my vendor.


but the vendor said that the digi one measurement is fine.


I have no idea where the problem is.


Please kindly provide the hardware measurement Stard Operation Procedure.
and trouble shooting guide for hardware and software.


Thanks for your help in advance.



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