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3D Sound of haircut.

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Most of you guys probably familiar with BACCH developer's Edgar the Barber track where with headphones you feel as if the scissors snipping near your ears. A good system should be capable of reproducing those effect accurately with loudspeakers. Due to copyright issue, I decided to make my own haircut recording using my binaural microphones. 




This is the original recording.


Original Binaural.WAV



And here is the sound of my loudspeakers captured using binaural microphone. Use your headphones for both and see how close is the play of the loudspeakers where is capable of producing the rear sound as if you are listening to the binaural recording with the headphones. You should hear the scissors going behind your head. These is the sound from my loudspeakers captured at the listening spot.


Playback captured using binaraul microphone.WAV


These are 40 Mb files each. It doesn’t play with phones. At least not with my iphone. You may have to download using a pc. 





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