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SACD Images that mount...in Windows?

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*EDIT: I just happen to be finding discs that didn't scramble vectors and have a UDF file system. This really isn't as big of a deal as I thought.*


Hi all,


I don't know the level of SACD gurus that are around this forum. I get about as deep as being able to rip them on my PS3 and have authored a number. I've never figured out how to extract DSFs out of my SuperAuthor images...though supposedly Pyramix will do something that will let me fix this. I don't know.

But I noticed something odd....some of my SACD images will mount under Windows 10. I was going through images and occasionally I'd accidentally double click the ISO instead of dragging it in to FB2k. Normally this results in "corrupted image" errors...but one actually mounted as a virtual drive. Now this wasn't a backup I made..it was one I acquired before I got my own PS3 and I never bothered to rerip it since why waste that kind of time. My initial thought was someone did something to this image...but even my self-authored ones won't mount.

I've been going through the ones I can confirm I ripped...and some of those are mounting. These are straight images from sacd_ripper in network daemon mode. The crazy thing is this seems to be a legitimate peek at the UDF file system. Here's a brief example:


Volume in drive E is DISC1
 Volume Serial Number is 3C96-5504

 Directory of E:\

08/03/2001  10:03    <DIR>          2C_AUDIO
08/03/2001  10:03            20,480 MASTER1.TOC
08/03/2001  10:03            20,480 MASTER2.TOC
08/03/2001  10:03            20,480 MASTER3.TOC
08/03/2001  10:03    <DIR>          MC_AUDIO
               3 File(s)         61,440 bytes

 Directory of E:\2C_AUDIO

08/03/2001  10:03    <DIR>          .
08/03/2001  10:03    <DIR>          ..
08/03/2001  10:03            81,920 2C_AREA1.TOC
08/03/2001  10:03            81,920 2C_AREA2.TOC
08/03/2001  10:03     1,197,998,080 2C_TAREA.2CH
08/03/2001  10:03        73,648,128 TRACK001.2CH
08/03/2001  10:03        62,932,992 TRACK002.2CH
08/03/2001  10:03        73,179,136 TRACK003.2CH
08/03/2001  10:03        33,374,208 TRACK004.2CH
08/03/2001  10:03       246,319,104 TRACK005.2CH
08/03/2001  10:03        99,842,048 TRACK006.2CH
08/03/2001  10:03        54,386,688 TRACK007.2CH
08/03/2001  10:03        89,436,160 TRACK008.2CH
08/03/2001  10:03        92,356,608 TRACK009.2CH
08/03/2001  10:03       112,357,376 TRACK010.2CH
08/03/2001  10:03        79,265,792 TRACK011.2CH
08/03/2001  10:03        76,009,472 TRACK012.2CH
08/03/2001  10:03       100,921,344 TRACK013.2CH
              16 File(s)  2,392,190,976 bytes

 Directory of E:\MC_AUDIO

08/03/2001  10:03    <DIR>          .
08/03/2001  10:03    <DIR>          ..
08/03/2001  10:03            81,920 MC_AREA1.TOC
08/03/2001  10:03            81,920 MC_AREA2.TOC
08/03/2001  10:03     3,342,202,880 MC_TAREA.MCH
08/03/2001  10:03       214,390,784 TRACK001.MCH
08/03/2001  10:03       180,688,896 TRACK002.MCH
08/03/2001  10:03       208,214,016 TRACK003.MCH
08/03/2001  10:03        96,550,912 TRACK004.MCH
08/03/2001  10:03       708,331,520 TRACK005.MCH
08/03/2001  10:03       276,871,168 TRACK006.MCH
08/03/2001  10:03       162,463,744 TRACK007.MCH
08/03/2001  10:03       253,286,400 TRACK008.MCH
08/03/2001  10:03       266,207,232 TRACK009.MCH
08/03/2001  10:03       223,567,872 TRACK010.MCH
08/03/2001  10:03       223,604,736 TRACK011.MCH
08/03/2001  10:03       222,040,064 TRACK012.MCH
08/03/2001  10:03       296,124,416 TRACK013.MCH
              16 File(s)  6,674,708,480 bytes

     Total Files Listed:
              35 File(s)  9,066,960,896 bytes
               6 Dir(s)               0 bytes free

So...here we go. This is a simple directory output. If you look at the 2CH and MCH folders...this is where things get crazy. There's no way all of those files can actually exist. The actual ISO is only 4.22gigs; but the files listed show just a tad under 9gigs. 

For whatever the reason that happens...I assume it's some feature of UDF. The thing I want to know...is how? Was there some flag not set during authoring that allows the underlying file system to be shown? 

I still have questions...I guess my next step is to load some images in a hexeditor and start seeing if there are some filesystem flags missing compared to the images that mount. I don't know if being able to copy the .2CH or .MCH channels will result in any audio...if for some reason there's a use for it. Right now FB2K just gives me "corrupt file" however I try.

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This has been discussed many times at different places.  As you have found out, some discs have a UDF file system.

2 hours ago, dewdude said:

There's no way all of those files can actually exist. The actual ISO is only 4.22gigs; but the files listed show just a tad under 9gigs. 

There is a way: TRACK*.2CH and TRACK*.MCH are probably pointing to parts of 2C_TAREA.2CH and MC_TAREA.MCH, respectively.


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Yeah. I got all excited because I thought I was on the cusp of a new level of hacking. 

I'm still trying to make whatever the SuperAuthor output is in to an actual Scarlettbook image so I can extract DSF from re/self-authored discs.

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