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New nano iDSD LE and Linux - what's the problem?

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2 minutes ago, lmitche said:

Years ago,  we asked IFI what various filter settings on the microIDSD meant in DSD mode. They claimed it was proprietary information and to use whatever sounds best.


Their level of arrogance and disdain for their customers was incredible. It hasn't changed with time.


In fact if I recall, we asked which of the 4 DSD noise filters in the *publicly available* chip data sheet corresponded to the 3 positions of the micro-iDSD's DSD noise filter switch, and *that* was what they couldn't or wouldn't tell us.

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So, in summary......



FWIW, I may have found a work-around for the disconnection issue.  Every time I've experienced a failure to play, it was after powering the unit back on - so I left it on 24/7 for the last 3 days.  It hasn't dropped the connection since I last unplugged / replugged the USB connector (with the nano off and the NUC powered up, to make sure the nano wasn't running on its battery). That's the longest I've gone without a connection failure, so let's see if it's a durable solution before I return the thing.

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