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SACD Backups From SONY BDPS590

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Looking for some help

I own the following devices that I feel are relevant

A sony BPS390

A Dennn 4300

An Oppo 203 HD

A dune Dune HD Pro 4K

I formatted a 30GB at fat32, placed the following file on the stick sacd_extract_160

I launched iso2dsd_gui 3 different times 3 different settings

Not even sure about the .iso file, it open but nothing played  but. mp3 files

The other files display show up as DSF files, I believe most of my file only play dsd files.

Should I be able to back up and play mutil channel DSD files as well?

If I do get the backup part of it working, what would be the best was to play back, I was reaaly hoping my dune would see the ISO SACD and be able to select audio

All help WOULD be greatly appreciated






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