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Let's discuss Baldwin HiFi External Linear PSUs

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  I power mine, NUC8, with a iFi iPower Plus. 15 volts and 4 amps. I have a 500GB Evo 970 M2 and a 500GB Evo 860 2.5” SSD installed. And 16 GB of RAM. The 4 amp supply runs everything with ease. No sure if 12 volt, 15 volt, or 19 volt makes any difference. 

  The iPower Plus was 70.00 which seems reasonable. Very 

  I believe a good switcher is better than a good LPS. The Plus seemed like a no brainer.


2012 Mac Mini, i5 - 2.5 GHz, 16 GB RAM. SSD,  PM/PV software, Focusrite Clarett 4Pre 4 channel interface. Daysequerra M4.0X Broadcast monitor., My_Ref Evolution rev a , Klipsch La Scala II, Blue Sky Sub 12

Clarett used as ADC for vinyl rips.

Corning Optical Thunderbolt cable used to connect computer to 4Pre. Dac fed by iFi iPower and Noise Trapper isolation transformer. 

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Hi @Panelhead,


Thanks. I wasn't aware of the Ipower plus. I've owned and still own a few Ipower standards I guess and they're good products for the price. That said they're nowhere near the performance of the LPS-1.2 and SPS-500 I currently have in place.


Not sure how the Ipower plus would compare but my monies on my current PSUs beating it.


Interesting product tho for those wanting 4amps at a very attractive price point.




AudioLinux NUCi7DNKE server (powered by SPS-500) > AudioLinux NUCi7DNBE endpoint (powered by LPS-1.2) > PS Audio Directstream DAC > Hegel P20 Pre > PS Audio M700 monoblocks > Salk Sound Supercharged Songtowers

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