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how to poweron the usbridge from allo anyway??

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i am testing two allousbridge at the time and encountered that to power on the usbridge i have to unplug the power supply and recconnect again ,so the usbridge stars over again,i use web based dietpi.local to power it off any help plse??

i cant see also the power led and rst illuminated at any time. i have alluminium cases for the allos

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I don't know if I understand you well.


If you would like to reboot the USBridge without unplugging it, you could acces it with a SSH client (PuTTY for example). You would need to know its IP address, so a static IP address or a DHCP reservation would help.


The default administrative user and password are: user root, password dietpi


The you could exec the command: shutdown -r now (for reboot) and shutdown -h now (for shutdown)


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