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Article: High-End Headphone Roundup: Meze Empyrean, Focal Utopia, Abyss AB-1266 Phi CC

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23 hours ago, austinpop said:


I've heard them many times, along with their more expensive siblings in the brand lineup. 


There are many outstanding headphones out there, catering to diverse tastes. Just like speakers, headphone appeal is very personal. I just picked the ones that appealed to me.


See my comments in the article about the mythical Acme Aural Exciter Mk II. :)


The Hifiman HE-1000se is my favourite headphone. It’s worth to lend home for a "proper" audition IMO.  

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I tried all the headphones on that list. Susvara is my favorite in terms of sound and fit. The Abyss wins in dynamics a little. The Susvara can also hit very hard and at the same time provide pinpoint imaging and clarity. The best of all, music never ever sounds digital. It's a very analogue experience. 


Alienware R7 with Paul Pang V2 USB PCIE -> iFi Pro iDSD -> McIntosh MHA100 -> Hifiman Susvara. Keeping it simple!

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