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Audirvana in UPNP mode plays only one track

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Hi ..

I use Audirvana+ in UPNP mode to stream qobuz to a Naim Muso or an Astell&Kern Player 380. Both works but after playing one song it stops and I have to start each track manually.

Audirvana is installed on a new MacMini late 2018 OS 10.14.4 I already tried to do a complete reinstall but nothing changed...

Any ideas what I could try to solve this?

Thank you..


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Yes same for me on Windows. 

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There may be a possible fix for the Windows version of Audirvana+, by using UPnP/DLNA go between helper software:

the free foobar2000 player with its foo_upnp plugin (to provide the foobar2000 UPnP renderer for Audirvana+ to output to) & its foo_out_upnp plugin (to select either the Muso or the A&K 380 as the UPnP audio device for foobar2000 to output to).


It should also fix the A&K 380's lack of gapless playback support when network streaming under UPnP/DLNA.


Unfortunately, it won't work for Macs, as foobar2000 is Windows only.

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