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12V amplifier switch integration with music server

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I would like to find an elegant way to integrate power switching of my two stereo (4.0 setup) amplifiers with Windows 10.  I mostly use Foobar and Emby to play music and movies, respectively.  There are many possible ways to implement a computer-controlled switch, from ethernet-controlled 120VAC power strip to USB controlled relays switching a 12V power supply to control the amplifier 12V control input.  Surely somebody here has come up with slick, inexpensive approach that can be integrated with a Windows audio PC?  Ideally I would like to have the amplifiers turn on with these two softwares, and turn off when I exit the software, as well as turn off when the computer has been left idle, triggered by the lock screen after a 10 minute timout.  I have some Z-wave home automation in my home, but that doesn't seem like the right approach to integrate with Windows.

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