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Article: Editorial: What's Wrong With You?

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Well stated. As with much in our current society, everyone seems to think their opinion = fact, and everyone who thinks differently is flat out wrong. Of course there is a wide spectrum of audio gear, and music itself. Of course different people will be on their own part of both of those spectrums. I, along with many others, slide up and down the gear spectrum. Current interests, and finances, have shaped my gear selections. It was Head-Fi, and Foobar2000, and a new, to me, concept of “bit perfect” via a computer+DAC that sparked my interest, more than a decade ago, in this part of music.


As a youngster, I enjoyed listening to my Dad’s McIntosh+DIY Klipshorns system. Radio tuner and vinyl. It all started there for me. I think we all have different life experiences that make us unique, and I would expect us all to have different interests in gear, and music. I would also expect those interests to change over time, for each individual.

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I was surprised to see no mention of cables in the editorial. Audiophile cables appear to be the biggest trigger for animosity on this site (and many others).

“The best sounding audio product is the one that exhibits the least audible flaws.”

 Dr. Floyd Toole

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[...] As if audiophiles can only be gear enthusiasts or the so-called better audiophiles, the music enthusiasts. Like politics and the endless objective / subjective debates, there's a continuum on which audiophiles land. On one end is the gear junky and on the other end is the music junky. Based on no objective data, I'm willing to bet most audiophiles fall more toward the center than the extreme poles. [...]


Chris, you've probably way underestimated the showoff freaks. Cleverest of them can take advantage of both gear and music at the same time. Look at this guy:




Worst, he's into heavy photo gear and blasts around in Ferraris ← yes 's', mid *and* front engine. whatsbestforum.com is packed with freaks like that. As a service to the people, could you open a subforum here so we can rat these guys out? Then we can bring full force of the AS brigade to bear and shame them off the 'net :x

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9 hours ago, The Computer Audiophile said:

If that helps you find enjoyment in life, I'm all for it. I'd love to hear some great music on that system.

I actually meant I am not looking at the system, just listening to music. But then again, I was pretty cryptic. At the time it was Aretha Franklin's "I Never Loved A Man The Way I Love You" album (sorry remembered incorrectly).


And of course, you're always invited to come over to play some tunes.

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