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Dual power for Boss and RPi old V1.2

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Hi to All,

I am posting here because I cannot find the link for the Forum/Equipment /Dac pages where I first posted 19/December/2018.

Hi to All,

              Is there no one that can help with this issue? I have seen the instructions for Boss V1.2 that says to move jumper 25 and power the dac through the USB C socket; this option is not available on the 'old'  V1.2, only the 'new' V1.2 (ie. HW V1.4).

The bit that I am stuck with is this , taken from the image below:- "Above shown Resistor to be assembled Value: 0E 0805 Package". What is the value of this resistor "OE"?

Any help would be well appreciated.





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