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iTunes Sound Check question


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Does having the Sound Check box in the playback section of your iTunes preferences selected when ripping CDs affect their sound/bits later if you play them back with Sound Check unchecked?


In other words, I know that, for serious listening, you should uncheck Sound Check. However, since my set up is in the kitchen/family room a lot of my listening is casual (i.e. background music during dinner or playing games). For this reason, I often use Sound Check so as to avoid the large fluctuations that inevitably occur when shuffling among different sources. I'm just hoping I can have my proverbial audiophile cake and eat it too.


Does this make sense?






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as i wonder if there is really any such software that actually works consistently...


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If you're interested in keeping your music at a constant volume level (and who wouldn't be, given that not all listening is serious listening), you should definitely look into iVolume. As I wrote in my post, iTunes Helper Apps:


iVolume ($30)

I know that for the best possible reproduction, you should turn off Sound Check in your preferences, but for 'background' listening iVolume improves the built-in 'Sound Check' function of iTunes to have your songs actually play at the same volume level. It's made it so I can listen to music at work without my coworkers screaming, "Stop turning your music up!" every third or fourth song.



While you're at it, you should definitely check out the other apps (especially the applescripts at dougscripts.com) I recommend in that post.









Freedom of the press belongs to those who own one.

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