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iPad Remote app anomaly


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I upgraded my Macbook music server to iTunes 10.1 yesterday, and today sat down to listen to some music via PM and my iPad remote app. When you scroll though the "album" category, one picks an album and it comes up in a medium sized floating window that hovers over the album cover matrix/grid behind it. In this window is the name of the album, artist and a list of songs. In small print, below the album title, is some additional information like number of songs and album length.......BUT ALSO this statement (for every album I chose)

"RELEASED FEB 6, 2040". Huh????? Is anyone else seeing this??


I looked up this date in Google and it seems to be an end date for Mac's file system or something. Why the f it is listed in the metadata about my albums is completely unknown. Anyone else see this?


Going crazy...Ted


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Hi Ted


Sorry to not answer your question directly, but when I trialled Pure Music I found the Remote App to not really work with it very well at all. eg. the little blue dot that progresses from left to right and displays time elapsed would only update when you paused/resumed the track. ie. it didn't update in real time. Do you get that? I'm interested if they fixed it, mind you I only trialled this about a month ago.




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