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PS Audio Bridge w. iMac?

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I currently have all my music loaded onto an iMac running iTunes + PureMusic (all files are .aiff).


Currently, the PS Audio PW DAC (that i´m about to audition) only accepts 24/96 USB input.


Would the Bridge be a solution to connect the iMac library to the PW DAC without any limitations?


Any experiences?


Best regards,




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Are you aware of what the bridge is and how it operates?


The quick easy answer is yes...


the Bridge connects to your network via a wired connection, and accepts data (music) from UPNP/DLNA compliant devices on the network. It is not possible to plug the Bridge directly into your iMac. There must be a network switch or router in between the two devices, as well as some bit of software on the iMac acting as a UPNP/DLNA compliant server to make your music files available on the network to be accessed by the Bridge.


Luckily, PSAudio has a forum that has all the info and help you'll need. To keep from recreating it all here in this post, I will just link you.




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AudioDoctor is correct.


You won't even need your USB interface (except for connecting your external hard drive to your iMac). You'll use Cat 5 (or 6 - though not necessary for the Bridge) to interface your iMac to your UPnP router and another cat 5 from said router to the Bridge. You'll be able to stream 24/192.


PS Audio is currently developing proprietary server software, but you can use something like Twonky Server as an interim solution.





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the bridge does not connect wirelessly to anything, however...


you may be able to connect it via ethernet cable to a router, which acts like a wireless hub and connects to the rest of your wireless network.


I am sure this is covered over on the PSAudio forums in greater detail.


Good luck.


No electron left behind.

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I have the exact same setup you describe except that I have a logitech squeezebox duet in the middle where the bridge should be. I was considering moving the MAC Mini close, ditching the logitech box, and using the USB connection but everyone I have spoken to says that leaving everything as is but swapping the Bridge in instead of the logitech would be the way to go. Just need to find the cash for the bridge. Anyone have $800 I could borrow!:)


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