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Max or XLD?


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Is Max preferred by forum users here over X Lossless Decoder? I'm looking to use either of these two programs to rip my CD collection on my iMac and was under the impression from googling around that X Lossless Decoder had become the de-facto ripping tool on the Mac. Do peeps here still prefer Max over XLD or is the swingometrer moving towards XLD within these forums also?


Hello to all by the way! :D





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Hi David - Welcome to Computer Audiophile. Many people around here use Max to convert FLAC to another format, but very few people here are using Max to rip CDs. So far I haven't seen any information that iTunes is an inferior ripper. As someone mentioned here yesterday, one benefit of Max is the ability to rip to more than one format at a time. Yes, a very nice feature for some, but it doesn't sway me from iTunes.


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Hi David and welcome,


I think you'll find the answer to be 'D. None of the above' from most people here. Most, but certainly not all, of the folks here use iTunes with error correction turned on, etc.. I along with some others have used Max as a format conversion tool, but believe that it can be somewhat cumbersome to configure for ripping. If one is into tweaking then it's probably a great ripping tool. But for its ease of use, excellent ripping with the right settings, and bit perfect playback at a number of resolutions, iTunes is hard to beat.





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I’ve just downloaded XLD after reading so many good reviews. Thought I would give it a go on a badly scratched CD.

It seems to rip about the same speed with the good tracks as iTunes but extremely slow on the scratched songs, but that’s probably a good thing as the error correction must be working harder.


Could the software make a difference to a good rip?


Using iTunes on a mac ripping to AIFF.


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If I understand it correct Max or XLD are programms for Mac. If I would like to convert audio from one format to another, which programma can I use for Windows (Vista) ?




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