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How to arrange IOS folders without iTunes app support?

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One of the great things about using iTunes on the Mac to sync IOS devices used to be being able to view all the IOS screen pages at once, and drag and drop apps between IOS folders on different screens. Moving apps between folders on different screens is so painful on the iPhone (for me, anyway.) Is there some other way to organize folders on iPhone more like iTunes used to allow?

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After I posted this question, I did some more online research and discovered this:



This free Mac app from Apple does what I want, even though it seems intended primarily for IT deployments. 


Launch Apple Configurator 2 on Mac while IOS device is connected and unlocked. 


From the app's menubar, Actions>Modify>Home Screen Layout


Just what I wanted!


PS: There's a Windows version too but I haven't tried it. 





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