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Best HQPlayer playback system

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I accidentally contacted the HQPlayer player software seven years ago. By using the understanding, it is considered that HQPlayer is the best way to improve digital audio playback. At the same time introduce this software to more Chinese friends. No matter what DAC you use, you can get upgrades and get your favorite tastes through settings. For HQPlayer to get the best playback, a powerful computer and a unique DAC are a must. A comprehensive and correct understanding of DSD is the key. The various audio format files supported by HQPlayer are the best choice for DSD512 output. After a period of exploration, I finally formed my hqplayer playback system.

The DAC that chooses HQPlayer is very particular. Because HQPlayer has full digital audio processing, the DAC chooses a DSD DAC that does not have digital processing and supports DSD512(NOS DSD DAC). After the comparison, it was decided to DIY such a DAC, and the optical fiber was used as the main transmission method.


The computer comprehensively considered computing power, power consumption and cost performance, and chose X99 motherboard, E5 2698v3 CPU, 16G memory and GTX1060 6G graphics card. Adjust settings in auto rate family mode to output DSD512 smoothly. Some filters mainly rely on the CPU frequency, and some filters must have GPU assistance. Install the win10 workstation system.Connected via network fiber and DAC. The computer is remote from the DAC and physically isolates various interferences.


The remote control uses an Android tablet or an Android phone.Install the HQPDcontrol APP.  All digital audio files are edited with mp3tag software. It is very convenient to remotely select songs.

HQPlayer 4 Pro has been born to directly generate the required digital audio files, real-time playback is not limited by the capabilities of the computer. The file will be generated first, and then the playback will have a big improvement. The playback device can be a digital audio player, a low power computer or a Raspberry Pi development board. It is the direction of future playback of digital audio.


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