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Platinum Dac upscaling 44.1/16 bit to 352.8 / 32bit Good or bad?

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I have a question I own a MSB Platinum 111 Dac, I am moving in the direction of a computor server, they have a up grade, that includes a USB conection, my problem is if I understand corectly that this new upgrade upsamples 44.1/16 bit to 352.8/32 bit x 8 and it will do the same with 192/24 to 384/32 x 2.

What'S the fors and agianst doing this, is it all marketing?Or is there a benifit!, I all so like the Weiss 202!


Thanks Kel



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Hi Kel,


I don't think the answer can be unambigious, so here are some things to think about :


First off, the MSB will be (very) OK when it's not upsampling. Like the version you have there now. True ?

This will mean that the filters and everything in there operate just fine.


Sidenote on this all : I assume your particular) MSB uses PCM1704 DAC chips (I didn't look it up).


But what are filters ? Filters to the sense we're talking about here, upsample. So, no self-respecting DAC leaves 16/44.1 as it is, because it *needs* filtering, and that by itself goes via upsampling. 8x should be sufficient.


Sidenote again : I assume your MSB is not of the earlier types that did not filter and upsample at all. But if it is such a type, get yourself that upgrade, and stop reading further.

N.b.: I stopped looking up things on there website a while back, because all is so confusing. Sorry.


So, what this upgrade would come down to, is applying a more "upsample only" means instead of real filtering, which may turn out te be good. May ...

And this is the point, because it will come down to listening;


It is my personal opinion that no upsampling means I know of, sounds better than the native 16/44.1. Not everybody will agree with this, but I'd like to count those who actually develop in this area with the explicit reason of making sound better. However ... it sure *can* be done, because I do/made this myself, and undoubtedly this upsampling sounds better than playing the file natively (not because I say so, but because without exception but one or two all my users say so).


But we're not finished;

When your MSB currently can take 192 already, it will be a matter of feeding it with the proper upsampled material, and you're done. No upgrade needed. You can try it for yourself with random upsampling software (but the advice would be to try it with my software, just because everybody uses the upsampling in there for the better (result) -> no need to buy it). Do you not like it ? then the chance will be very small you will like the upsampling upgrade. If you like it, it says nothing about the upgrade, but/and chances are fair that it will sound less goot up to plain bad (relatively spoken).


Now, since it is not likely that your MSB can play 192 at this moment, the upgrade will cause the input to be 192 enabled. If this is not the case (for you to find out) I wouldn't even bother. But of course this is up to you. But ... if it can take 192 (or even 384) you will be able to choose between its internal upsampling, and any outboard (software) upsampling software. In that case, get the upgrade and don't bother for now; If the internal upsampling won't sound good, there's always my outboard version of it, and I'd like to guarantee you that you will like it. But I can't guarantee that really of course, so you must trust my brown eyes on it.


I know, a long story, but which indirectly hopefully sheds a light on what's actually happening with upsampling; To summarize this : yes, this is a commercial thing, unless


a. it is explicitly used as the means of necessary filtering;

b. it plainly sounds better.


With this (I hope) useful "information" you should be able to ask questions to MSB. If above a. is in order (and your currently present filtering is shut off), b. should be in order as well.

Lastly I'd like to tell you I may know a bit about these things, because I do this myself for a. and b.;

Also, I would trust MSB on not being commercial about these things ...




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