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Audirvana+ with Qobuz question

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I run A+ on my 27" iMac that has tons of processing power and network speed, playing 24/192 doesn't even blip my resources.  It goes over UPnP to a number of RPi devices, which then use various DACs to feed various analog audio systems.  None of the setup is really what I'm asking about though.  It all works and sounds really good considering how little I've spent to get a full house modular system.  


When I go into Qobuz natively it tells me which albums are hi-res with the little icon, but A+ doesn't show that.  A+ shows MQA for Tidal.  I have to click on each album to see what the resolution of the songs are.  On A+ Remote that runs on my phone and iPad, it doesn't even show the resolution of the songs so I have to actually play the song to see what the file is and what the DAC is playing, which it shows on the "now playing" screen.  My computer is in the next room and sometimes I drag myself off my listening couch to do the search on the computer instead ;)  


Is there some setup that I missed that can be done?  I haven't found anything yet.  It isn't a major issue, but just from a user interface it seems a little lacking.  It all sounds great and I can get 24/192 bit perfect streams over my wifi once I find a title.


Oh, never mind.  I just found the answer in the A+ thread on the Software forum.  It is coming in 3.5

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found answer

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