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2010 Mac Mini vs Macbook Pro


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Hi all,


I have been lurking here for forever and have learned lots. Thanks to all who contribute.


I am currently using a Macbook Pro (2.53GHz, 4 GB), Pure Music, Ayre QB-9, Mccormack amp and pre, Shunyata power conditioning, and Vandersteen 2ce Sig 2. I am coming from a Mccormack UDP-1 and am thrilled with the computer as a source.


Call me crazy, but the longer I leave the computer in place, the better it all seems to sound. The problem is that the Macbook Pro is my only computer and so I am often taking it in and out of the rack.


I have been considering a 2010 Mac Mini (with upgraded RAM and maybe SSD) to free up the Macbook Pro. I've read a few postings that a MB Pro "easily betters" a Mini??? Has any body compared them? How far wrong could I go with the Mini? I would prefer to get a Mini, but maybe I should I stick with the Macbook Pro as the server and get another lap top for computing duties??








Shunyata Hydra 6, Mach2 Mini, 1 TB datatale, Ayre QB-9, McCormack MAP-1, McCormack HT-5, Vandersteen 2ce sig2

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