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The Allo Boss I received today was described as the latest 1.2 version, but the card clearly says "HW REV 1.5" as you can see in the picture I've attached.


I've plugged it onto my Raspberry Pi 3 B+ with the latest Volumio (v 2.555, 2/18/2019) and get NO sounds out of it. :(  Jumper ON (plugged into either RPi OR Boss) and Jumper OFF, separate 5V 2.4a power supplies.  Same result all three ways -- no sound.  (I'm sure speakers & RCA cables are fine.)

Is this a new board that isn't supported by Volumio yet?
Please help!!!! :) 


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Anyone?  I don't really care what the version number says -- the fact that I can get NO sound from this DAC is what troubles me.  I've re-imaged Volumio (on 2 different MicroSD cards) and done many 'restarts.'  I've re-seated the Allo Boss onto my RPI 3 B+ several times.  Any other suggestions?  I desperately need help.

Since Allo's Support page only redirects HERE I'd assume they, at least, check these forums sometimes. (I've tagged this as 'Allo' and Allo Boss.)  Even if they don't have an immediate answer for me and 'are looking into it' could they just confirm that someone has seen this?  Thanks a lot!



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