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Potential Product: NUC Server or endpoint

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I have decided to not head down this road!  I was going to do an enhanced custom version of this with OS installed and provide setup.  The numbers are not there for my business to proceed.



Here is what I think is a better way for everyone.







I am looking at a way to source a semi-custom fan-less NUC endpoint or server running the NUC7i7DNxx board (Dawson Canon). 


  • I am proposing a product that would use this board with a case and an SMPS.  
  • There would be a couple of configuration options that include memory, Optane SSD, possibly WIFI.  
  • The hardware would have a 1 year warranty that could be extended for a fee.
  • The system would include a license an support for AudioLinux.  
  • The current thinking is to provide time limited online and phone support to get the product going on the end user's system as a part of the cost.


I am trying to gauge interest.  There are several ways that this could go.  I am open to suggestions.  Think of this as a Raspberry Pi in theory. One step above buying parts at Newegg. No Soldering required.  You will still need a display, mouse, keyboard for setup.  It might not work with your DAC or your whatever. 


The final cost is not determined. 








NOTE I am a managed service provider and this is a possible extension of my business.  



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