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XLD Mac and problems reading some CDs

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I have used XLD on my iMac with external Apple USB SuperDrive to rip about 400 CDs.


There were a few (probably about 10) that would not work at all on XLD, but still ripped via iTunes. I resorted to using an old MacBook with internal CD/DVD drive - which dealt with the culprits.


I have now just bought a (brand new) CD which mounts on the desktop, and shows the tracks present. With XLD on automatically open, it just ends up tryng to detect pre-gap and ejects.


And it won't import in iTunes or even allow Finder drag and drop copy of any of the files. I no longer have the old MacBook, so am a bit stuffed.


It requires me to Relaunch Finder if I try to copy tracks, force quit XLD, etc..


So, suspecting my 5-year lf SuperDrive might be wearing out, I have bought a generic USB 3 CD/DVD drive - but this CD will still not rip, play or anything else.


I have UNchecked detect pregap and have instead File > Open Audio CD, and XLD is about 30 minutes in to trying to read the pre-gap (because the progress bar IS actually moving albeit terrifically slowly (about 20% across after 30 mins).


The CD plays 100% reliably in my CD/SACD player.


Any thoughts?

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I believe that the ripper part of dbpoweramp is still free - for me it has proved the most reliable ripper on my Mac (I have used XLD, MAX and JRiver).  


Things I have done in the past to solve ripping issues have been:


Giving the disc a good clean.

Setting error checking to a minimum just to see if I can get any kind of rip.

Changing USB ports (my Mac is temperamental with USB hubs and even prefers certain inbuilt USB ports over others).

Changing USB cables.


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