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Paul R

My Favorite Album Covers / Artwork

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Well, I find myself attracted, for good or bad, by the artwork on album covers. If it is interesting enough, it will get me to listen to the music. :)

Please feel free to post your favorite covers here, as many as you wish. If you want to add some commentary about what you like about 'em, that would be great! 



Here are three of my favorites.  :) 




The Captain's cover was, and still is, a deep dive into true weirdness. Especially if you try to figure it out while listening to the title song. 





Okay, Gerry Rafferty was just the epitome of cool when this album came out. Everyone wanted to wear cool shades, a light beard, scarf, and jeans. Come to think of it, that is what I wear almost every day myself, except for the scarf. Must mean I have some trace of "cool" in me too. 




Everyone knows the Cinderella story, but this music will always be the definitive telling of the story for me. (Well, if you include the Ballet. There is a version of the ballet with this music where the evil step sisters are far more comical than evil. Pole dancing even... ;) It just doesn't get any better than this!




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I think I will post here more than once.


A bold minimalist idea :)




An opposite idea :)




An idea :) (unfortunately seems there's no high quality photo/scan of this cover on the internet)





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1 hour ago, rando said:

I'll stick with a safe option.




That's something I never would have thought to put on an album cover.

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As all Iron Maiden fans know, they hide all sorts stuff on their front and back covers.  They have the famous skeleton named Eddie, the guy you see everywhere, and a variety of repeating symbols and figures.  The most sought out cover is the Somewhere in TIme album cover, here's a link to some hidden meanings.






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2 hours ago, cambridgehank said:

My all time favorite album cover.  I had the poster in my dorm room and my house for 30 years. You have to really study the artwork.


oh my gosh - that is just cool. I have seen it before, but never noticed more than the Lion. Was it always B&W or was there a color version? 



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A stylish cover. I'm not mentioning Valerie's hair which IMO is just super stylish.




A different style (and hair style too :))





Beside that every cover on which Iggy Pop is half naked for me is a winner (I'm straight if someone wants to ask).




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