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Audio Research MP1 Multichannel Preamps X 2 (Silver or Black)

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I have two Audio Research Multichannel preamps for sale.  A silver and a black one.  They are both in fantastic condition.  I would say the silver is the top of the two.  Only because of the pristine condition and one owner...well I make two.  The black one is two owner....me making three.  Both face plates are perfect.


I have turned my multichannel system back to basically movie playback without any sort of emphasis on multichannel 5.1 music playback.


I was using the MP1 with modified Oppo 205 and exaSound e38 DAC.  I sold both the Oppo and the exaSound. 


I need to net 2900.00 for the silver and 2600.00 for the black.  I don't think you can tell a difference in the sound of either.








Gone fishing in Vinyl.. ✝️

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I am interested in your Audio Research MP-1

Please inform me of the status


Thanks Jim

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