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New DAC needed for desktop

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Hi all. 

Fist off this isn't a post about the pros/cons of MQA, save that for another place. I'm  selling my PS Audio PerfectWave MK II with Bridge II installed and I'm looking for a replacement for my desktop. 
System is Massdrop THX amp and DarkVoice 336 amp on the tube side. Headphones are Hifiman HE560's, Audeze I20 and Senn 600's. Headphones will continue to change.  Computer is a 2017 Imac running Tidal and Roon. 
DAC needs: Must do MQA unfolding, balanced ins/outs but does not need to have a volume. I currently own a Mytek Brooklyn in my theater/two channel room and do love it so the Liberty is top of my list right now. 

What else do you have that I should look at? 



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