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Can I do better for the same $$?


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With the following limitations:


Windows only.

DAC must have a volume control.

DAC must be able to drive a tri-amped system directly.


For the same amount of $$, can I do better than:


Dell Mini 9 music server ($200)

W4S DAC2 ($1500)

Wireworld Starlight USB cable ($85)


The rest of the system is:



Mirage OMD-28 speakers tri-amped by:

Threshold S-300II on woofers

VTL MB-225's midrange

VTL ST-85 highs

JPS Superconductor + cabling

JRMC v15


Any thoughts?








Mac Mini M1 12 volt dc > Roon > HQ Player to DSD 256 > Fibre to EtherRegen w/LPS1.2 and BG7TBL OCXO > Sonore microRendu v1.3 > IsoRegen > Denafrips Iris > i2s  > Denafrips Pontus II > Schiit Freya+ w/ Linlai E-6SN7's >  Nord One Up NCore 500 monoblocks REV D w/SI990Enh op amps > Martin Logan Impression 11A w/ dual Rythmik E15HP2 subs. Supra Cat8, JPS Labs Superconductor+ cables



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