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Win Server 2019/2016 General questions and discussions

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Hi Felipe,

I've had driver problems in the past and I feel your pain.


Just to establish a baseline, I assume you: 
- are using Win2019 standard core (have you tried it in gui?)
- installed the driver before running AO
- tried F8 and ST driver helper, pnputil
- tried the HD Audio Controller
- tried again with a fresh windows install
- are using AO 3.0 beta 36 (I had problems installing my dac driver with version 34 or 35).

- could you hack the driver inf file?


I know you're very capable but sometimes we forget the obvious. Perhaps something here will trigger your thoughts:
- are there any old driver entries in the registry?
- have you checked for IRQ conflicts?
- are any old driver files on one of the attached drives?
- does it install on gui mode? 


I can't install the dac driver unless the dac is connected and turned on and the usb input is selected. 
- have you tried reconnecting the cable/restarting the dac?
- have you tried another cable?
- have you tried with a different usb port?


Good luck, Bill

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So it installs ok but boots in disabled state until your script enables it again? It does sound like a bios or registry issue.

The idea with cable/connections came from a problem I had with networking until I discovered I had knocked the cable and the connector was part-way out.

BTW I'm still playing happily in ramdisk.

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I originally tried using Windows7-USB-DVD-Download-Tool buy could not get windows 2019 to boot so I used rufus successfully. Windows had no trouble accepting the license so I know it can work. Software is such fun. 

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