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FS: Phasure NOS1a G3, latest edition with Phisolator

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For sale is the Phasure NOS1a G3 DAC, the latest version with Phisolator installed. If you are looking at this ad I will assume that you know about this DAC, its designer Peter Stordiau, and the DACs reputation amongst audiophiles. Requires a Windows PC with XX High End or HQPlayer software. It is in excellent condition(essentially indistinguishable from dead mint condition) and it will come to you double boxed in the original shipping cartons. I am the original and the NOS1a configuration cost me $5864 plus import fees and shipping from the Netherlands to the US. I paid an additional 665 euros plus import fees and roundtrip shipping for upgrading to the G3 plus Phisolator configuration(the current configuration available from Peter). Asking price is $3000. Shipping is $50.00 in the continental United States.  Please feel free to email me with questions. Thanks for looking.


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What does bump mean? Is this unit still available?

System: W10 Lenovo T530 Laptop with Fidelizer 8.7 and attached 4 TB USB Storage using Audirvana and Roon Players > Sonore Signature Series, BNC/SPDIF > Tweeked CiscoSG110D-08 LAN Switch > Yggdrasil A2 > Pass Labs XA100 Monoblocks > Triton Reference Speakers (modified). Cabling: Straightwire Info Link SPDIF, Kimber KS2026 XLR interconnects, Kimber KS3035 Speaker wires.

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