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Archimago and the TLS DS-1

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Yello - so Archimago has a interesting post




I have always wondered on the advantages of a high end streamer - something like the Sony HAP-Z1ES - I mean there is no denying that they are beautiful machines - but cannot help but wonder how they are better than a well configured computer based system - doubt the internal software would do more then JRiver and cheaper - or even Roon, expensive as it is...  But this is too much like a regular NUC - fancy clock notwithstanding <--- and this is Archimago's point - that prbly doesn't matter.  


Been thinking of moving away from the laptop I use to a NUC, but as a JRiver user, need to research how to configure headless - but maybe Audiolinux is worth a try... Wonder if the DS-1 is worth the extra dough, not for the fancy clock, but just get a fully configure box that just works...





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