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Storage drives selection for Server

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I am working on my server design, and I am debating about putting internal storage on the server or use my NAS.  The machine will boot from Optane and store the Roon database.  I am approaching 4TB of storage now so I would get an 8TB for safety.


Here are the three options I am investigating.


Desktop Class Spinning Drive.   (does the RPM matter)

Laptop Class Spinning Drives. (5TB seems to be the max so leave room for two)

Seagate Surveillance Drive. 


The Surveillance drive seems to have a better "lifetime" rating.  Has anyone tried them?



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8 minutes ago, bobfa said:

Surveillance Drive

The surveillance drives from WD and Seagate are optimized for write intensive workloads.  I don't think they are appropriate for music files.



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I was doing some research on this last night.  Have a look under the 'Disc Storage' heading;  'OWC drives' thread among others.  Surveillance drives are not recommended.  Doak has made some posts on the subject.  His view is to use desktop WD black 7000rpm, OWC USB drive powered by LPS.  Cornan was going to try a WD my Passport wireless drive but hasn't reported back any findings yet.  This may be interesting because both wireless and battery powered for isolation but limited capacity and reportedly patchy user experiences.



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