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Hi folks,
I was just listening to a song that reminded me forcefully to one particular version of St. James Infirmary,  just the artist I sadly can't remember.
The song: "March for Mingus", Melody Gardot, Live in Europe, connection particularly: the brass section.
Searching the library,  I found several releases of that song, but not the one I had in mind.
You may help me find the one I love ... but anyway,  it might be interesting to find out about other (yours) favourite versions of that blues classic!!!
I have three, which I like for different reasons, none of them is a Satchmo version ...
Dee Dee Bridgewater is quite close to the one i am after, as it was a woman, that sang that version and  that one has a vivid brass attack.
Thanks in advance  for joining in, 


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2 hours ago, Ralf11 said:

The Dirge...



One of my all time personal faves - from the “Sachmo Plays King Oliver” LP,,, very early 1958 or so Stereo.  Still manages to send a chill up my spine every time I listen to it - a splendid recording. Makes me wonder how much we’ve forgotten since then. Found it at a garage sale in Old Metry right next to the cemeteries sometime in the early ‘90s. Truth  😎


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Thank you all for your contribution! 👂👂👂

Finally, I somehow guess my mind might playing tricks on me. I heard the song while being served by my coiffeur, he always listens to JazzRadio.fr and talks about football.
I'd think, it could have been a version of The Hot Sardines, may be recorded live in Paris, once they were playing there, as the versions available on video don't show the same enthusiasm of the brass section I am remembering. Maybe this part is imagination or an snippet of information heard another time wrongly twisted with that memory ... Not so sure anymore about that ...

Looking at their homepage I found this interpretation:



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Mathilde Toussaint's version is very good - she hardly sounds French at all.  If you told me she lived in the 9th Ward, I'd believe it...

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