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I'm trying to get an audiophile sound when playing remux ripped blu-rays on my computer. Getting the right syntax to make afir work in FFmpeg would be a way. At the moment I follow Bob Stern's advice to try Audio Hijack to capture the audio output of my video player app and put an AU in.

Allloy 2 works but I know I can beat simple eQ with my filters REW/RePhase designed for HQP. I can't get iZotope Trash nor Fog convolver to simply convolve my own 2 channels FIR. The simple but mighty old LAconvolver works and beats Alloy 2 yet. However it resamples my filters to 44.1 and I'd like to keep things 24/96 at least. Furthermore, there is a several second lag between image and sound with LAConcolver. I'll try to sync via video player app but would definetely prefer a better performing solution


Any suggestion?

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