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A counterfeiting operation that tapped into the growing appetite for music on vinyl has been taken down after a four-year investigation.

Working with the British Phonographic Industry (BPI),  South Wales Police discovered an illicit vinyl pressing facility, specialising in Northern Soul records, that is thought to have distributed “tens of thousands” of unauthorised represses, mainly through eBay and Amazon.


Along with BPI officers, South Wales Police carried out a series of warrants at the home addresses of those prosecuted, in the process recovering 55,635 Infringing 7” vinyl records, 26 infringing 10” vinyl records, and 907 infringing 12” vinyl records, as well as 4,678 infringing CDs, 70 infringing music DVDs, and 8 DVD MP3s - the latter containing a total of 5,121 music tracks and 98 albums. 

Documentary exhibits, computer equipment exhibits, printed inlays, printed face labels, plain white cardboard /paper record sleeves were also examined, underlining the extent of their endeavours, including the fact they had commissioned the pressing of the vinyl.


Many record labels, including Universal Music, Sony Music, Warner Music as well as smaller niche labels such as Rollercoaster Records and Ace Records, have been affected by the criminal enterprise, says the BPI.


Though still niche in terms of its size within the overall recorded music market, vinyl enjoyed another stellar year in 2016, with over 3.2 million LPs sold – a 53 per cent rise on 2015 and the highest annual total in a quarter of a century. The depth of this revival is illustrated by the fact that over 30 titles sold more than 10,000 copies in 2016, compared to just 10 in 2015. LPs now account for nearly 5 per cent of the album market.


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I suppose that we can also blame MQA for Climate Change ? :D

 Speaking of climate change, and the rush by a few countries like Australia to phase out Coal Power stations, the attached if correct should raise a few questions as to how seriously we are taking the contribution to Global Warming by the use of fossil fuels.



Coal Plants.jpg

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2 hours ago, sandyk said:

I suppose that we can also blame MQA for Climate Change ? :D

We can blame MQA, China and the USA  :)



The world’s top 10 nations for coal capacity, shown on the left-hand side of the table below, account for 86% of the total operating today and 64% of plants in the pipeline. The right of the table shows the top 10 nations for planned capacity.

Country Operating (MW) Share Country Pipeline (MW) Share
China 935,472 47% China 210,903 32%
United States 278,823 14% India 131,359 20%
India 214,910 11% Vietnam 46,425 7%
Germany 50,400 3% Turkey 42,890 7%
Russia 48,690 2% Indonesia 34,405 5%
Japan 44,578 2% Bangladesh 21,998 3%
South Africa 41,307 2% Japan 18,575 3%
South Korea 37,973 2% Egypt 14,640 2%
Poland 29,401 1% Pakistan 12,385 2%
Indonesia 28,584 1/5 Philippines 12,141 2%


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Repressing vinyl is hardly a new idea.  For that matter neither is introducing a new music format.  I'll allow there is a few common similarities between what MQA does and the effect repressing has on musical output. 


Bunch of old fuddy duddys playing at a personal politics angle has no bearing whatsoever.  Of course that was determined relevant.  9_9

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40 minutes ago, NOMBEDES said:

I was hoping I could inspire the South Wales Police to investigate the MQA cult, and find out what is going on over there.....


...follow the origami...no matter where it takes you!



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