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Dear All,


Right now I use a Auralic Aries LE and a Schitt Gungir Multibit gen 5 DAC as digital source. When I first bought the Aries LE I was also interested in a 1 box solution. However at that time I didn't find anything that interested me.

But as time progresses all in one streamers are becoming more and more the standard. Maybe now it is time to go for it. I am thinking about the Lumin D2, Auralic G1 or maybe even an Aurender A100. My dealer offered me a good deal on an Aurender A10. But I'm not sure if I want to spend that much. Has anyone here heard the Lumin D2, Auralic G1 or the Aurender A10. Is the Aurender worth it? It would about twice the price of the other options.

My source material is Qobuz and CDs I ripped to FLAC. I have zero interest in DSD.

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I picked up the Aurender A10 this weekend so I can test it. Also borrowed a pair of Ansuz POM XLR cables.


This weekend I didn't have that much time. But I noticed two things (IMHO, I can't prove it). All listening is done using Qobuz. The owner has asked me not to import my collection to the HDD incase it goes back.


1) The A10 sounds much better when used with the XLR output. Not sure if that is because of my pre amp or that it is because of the A10 but to my ears anyone using the A10 would short sell themselves when the XLR output is not used.


2) The A10 sounds different from my Schiit + Auralic. For lack of better words it sounds more liquid and maybe a bit more dynamic. I sound more like my turntable.


The A10 has three option for the analogue and  three options for digital filter. I have not found out what it does and have not played with it just yet. I did turn of the resampling.


The shop from where I borrowed the A10 will most likely not take the T2 in stock. The owner is getting older (65+) and might by closing his shop in the near future.


My other options are the D2 and the Auralic Vega G1. There is no doubt in my mind the A10 sounds better then either of these. But not sure if I want to spend that much money.



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All in ones are the perfect solution for me but seem quite difficult to pull off, doesnt sound like the A10 convinced you. Naim NDX2 is getting good reviews but more expensive and even then some owners prefer to add a DAC. Good luck with your search! 

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