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Mapping my local albums to Tidal/Qobuz???

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I would like to favorite all of my local albums to Tidal and/or Qobuz. I will use Soundiiz to do this.


I used Audirvana to produce a playlist file with all my local albums. The problem is this playlist file is by track, so it is enormous. When I try to import that into Tidal/Qobuz it grinds to a halt. I tried splitting the file, but it is still fairly large.


Question: Is there a way to do this by album rather than by track? I presume this is how platform moves (Tidal --> Qobuz for example) works.



mini+Roon > dCS Rossini DAC + Rossini Master Clock >

Audio Note Kondo Ongaku > Avantgarde Duo Mezzo G2

system pics

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When this works you will have a gigantic list of tracks in Tidal/Qobuz. In Tidal/Qobuz it's not possible to make lists of albums. You can make playlist. But to make a playlist of each album is not practical. 


My solution is to make Tidal/Qobuz playlists based on genre. I put the first song of an album in the playlist. To play an album I select show album on the track. 


That way I have a good over view of f.e. my favorite blues albums. 


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