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HQ Player No SDM output


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For quite a while I have been using HQP with Roon and a SOtM SMS-200 as an NAA with an Audiolab MDAC+ and have been able to upsample to DSD 128 or output DSD 64, 128 and 256 files using DirectSDM.


I'm not sure what has change but I recently notice everything was being output as PCM even DSD files when Direct SDM is selected. I am unable to select SDM output from the drop menu in the main GUI window. 


Any help in determining what has caused this is greatly appreciated.

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I had the exact same issue with a buddies system, he used a singer SU-1 and mistakenly pulled the USB cable with an active stream, after this I was unable to get HQP to even offer SDM as an output mode option.  It would only output PCM and the only modes available where auto or PCM.  What we did was to do a clean install of windows and then reflash the SU-1 firmware.  I was then able to get roon to upsample and output DSD512.  HQP now offered the option under output modes of Auto, PCM and SDM but when I select SDM, it still only outputs PCM. The filters on the main screen remain the filters set up in the settings menu as the PCM filters, HQP does not switch to SDM.  It is a driver/PC interaction issue where the driver does not switch to SDM.  Not sure what to tell you as I uninstalled both Driver and HQP and re-installed both only to get same result.


Try removing SOtM and run USB straight to Dac.  Like above uninstall both driver and HQP and then reinstall and see and keep fingers crossed.

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