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Headphone Surround Sound and Loudspeaker Virtualization

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So I know the Smyth Realiser and Darin Fong's Out of Your Head have been mentioned on this forum, but I haven't seen it mentioned that when using OOYH it's important to equalize the headphones to have a relatively flat response due to a double HRTF that accentuares 2-6khz resulting in a significantly brighter and leaner sounding experience. The Realiser does this as a HPEQ( headphone equalization).

Just wanted to encourage those interested in headphone surround sound and loudspeaker virtualization to give this a try. I recommend Equalizer APO if using Windows, it's a very high resolution parametric eq.

I had stumbled upon the program a couple years ago and it started my hifi journey from a pair of JVC Rx-700s and pc motherboard builtin sound. I don't think I need to convince this forum the benefit of upgraded DACs and digital/power conditioning, but it made a huge huge difference in the realism of the virtualized rooms. I use the program 100% of the time now when listening to music on my desktop systems.


I attached a couple examples of the EQs I use on my various headphones.  I don't use these EQs with normal listening only with OOYH.

Full system for reference:
Transport: Supra USB, Uptone ISO Regen, Uptone Ultracap LPS 1.2 powering the iso regen and usb to i2s board(which has an isolator on the i2s side)
DAC: Audio GD NFB 7
Amp: Audio GD NFB-1AMP
Power: Topaz 91092-31 Ultra Line noise Isolator
Bass Shaker system: duplicated signal with voicemeter, usb dac, equalizer, crossover, amplifier, 2 tactile transducers
Headphones: Mrspeakers Alpha Prime, Audeze EL-8, Sennheiser HD650, Hifiman HE-400i, Stax SR-207(with SRM252S energizer), Audeze Mobius.





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Never heard of FongAudio before. Just installed the trial version. BTW, have you compared Smyth with OOYH? Smyth works on actual measurements of your HRTF while OOYH doesn't. 



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The presets in OOYH are made using a Smyth Realiser A8.  Personal measurements are amazing with perfect accuracy and no coloration, but using someone elses PRIR is often ok with little coloration and still good accuracy.  For instance for me one of the presets the stage is shifted to the right a bit, but by reducing right channel output volume a bit I'm able to center it.  

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