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Tidal 'Mix' and Autoplay feature

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Tidal has a few 'Mix' related features. It has My Mix 1, 2, 3, ... etc., whereby similar songs in your current collection/playlists are interspersed with Tidal's own choice of similar songs. This is a great feature for discovering new music and expanding your playlists.


However, something that I really like is the Autoplay feature (Settings --> Streaming --> Autoplay) that can be toggled on or off.


When it's on and the last song on your current playlist has finished playing, Tidal will carry on playing selected tracks that are not in any of your playlists which it thinks work well with your current playlist. It's similar to the Mix feature but is a live version where every new Tidal-selected track is a nice surprise. Over 6 hours of listening to Tidal today, I've discovered 17 new tracks recommended by Tidal that I've added to one of my playlists. And the best thing is that they're available for offline playback on my iOS phone, tablet and Android phone automatically as soon as I add them to a playlist.

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