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Power cord for Signature Rendu SE

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I started using a Signature Rendu SE a few weeks ago and it has been quite an improvement over using my Mac Mini directly. I am currently using the stock power cord. I would love to hear from people that have upgraded the power cord. What did you try and in what way did it improve the sound quality?


I have connected my Signature Rendu to a Furman Elite 20 PFI power conditioner (it is the only device on one the zones). The Furman is connected to a dedicated line with a Furutech GTX-D Gold outlet. Thanks!

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I never used the stock cord because, during my pre-purchase due diligence, the Sonore folks suggested that I immediately should replace the cord with a better one.  While I was awaiting delivery of the SE, I purchased an Avius SE cable from Cullen Cables, whose power cords I have used for a few years.


Because I didn't try anything else, including the stock cord, I can't say how the Avius SE changed the sound, but, to my ears, it's doing no harm.  It also has great internal strain relief (useful in my cabinet's tight space) and fabulous construction quality.  It also was priced well for an audiophile cord, about $130 plus postage.

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