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Jaikoz Music Tagger 10.0

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4 hours ago, paultaylor said:

We are pleased to announce the newest release of Jaikoz Music tagger for MacOS, Windows and Linux.

In this latest release Jaikoz superior automatic music identification now includes Song Only Matching and AlbunackDiscId matching




How does Jaikoz compare with MP3tag and PerfectTunes? Thanks!

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My suggestion would be just to try it out for yourself and compare the results. But a key a difference is that whilst Mp3tag can be used to match a set of files to a single album you cannot just give your whole collection to it and let it match with one click, with Jaikoz you can -  matching percentage is usually about 90% .I have only briefly used  PerfectTunes but had no success with it, could not comment further on it.

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