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jorma kaukonen and jack casady before we were them

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Got it sounds great.

Analyzed Folder: I:\Music\Jorma Kaukonen & Jack Casady\Before We Were Them\Before We Were Them_dr.txt
DR         Peak       RMS        Filename                      

DR14       -0.20 dB   -16.85 dB  01 - Rock Me Baby.flac        
DR16       -0.54 dB   -18.81 dB  02 - Turnaround.flac          
DR16       -0.20 dB   -17.91 dB  03 - Star Track.flac          
DR16       -0.20 dB   -18.55 dB  04 - Through The Golden Gate.flac
DR15       -0.45 dB   -18.43 dB  05 - Come Back Baby.flac      
DR17       -0.21 dB   -19.19 dB  06 - Through The Grove.flac   
DR14       -0.44 dB   -16.47 dB  07 - Inspiration In The Hall Of Arrivals.flac

 Number of Files: 7
 Official DR Value: DR15

Furutech GTX-D>J River 23>Cardas Clear USB>Wyred4Sound DAC2v2 SE>Moon Audio Blue Dragon IC>Cavalli Liquid Fire>Q French Silk Headphone cable>Audeze LCD2rev2>my ears>audiophile brain

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